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Case Study: Masterton Homes Builds Productivity with a Motion Mobile Solution from Tablet PC


Region: Australia   Industry: Home Building 

Customer Profile: One of the country’s most awarded builders, Masterton Homes


One of the country’s most awarded builders, Masterton Homes has been building homes in Australia for over 50 years. Throughout its history, one of the key factors that has kept Masterton Homes at the top of its game is implementing new ways to streamline processes. Keeping at the forefront of technological advances and solutions is paramount to operating a proficient construction business. To directly and markedly improve the efficient work practices of roving Area Construction Managers, tablet PCs were required which:

  • Could withstand the rough building environment
  • Had 3G capability
  • Featured outdoor viewability
  • Possessed wireless connectivity

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The Tablet PC Solution

As the Motion sales partner to Masterton Homes, Tablet PC’s Rohan Knight said, “Masterton Homes operates in a rugged environment – on building sites, outdoors, amidst the moving of heavy materials with plenty of dust and debris, so a tablet PC integrated into Masterton Homes’ business operations needed to be one able to withstand these rough surroundings. For this reason, we recommended Motion Computing’s F5.”

“All the hardware characteristics of this device are important for use in construction, such as its ruggedness, outdoor viewability, hot-swap battery management and integrated cameras,” said Rohan.

Rohan has been working with IT Manager at Masterton Homes, Graham Downes, since December 2011 to implement the Motion F5 Tablet PC platform. Having initially purchased five units in April 2011, the organisation has since integrated a further 19 units, making Motion Computing, Masterton’s main on-site mobile computing solution.

Benefits and Results

  • Increased efficiency of work practices
  • Decreased supervisor office time – translating to more time out on job sites
  • improved accuracy of material requests
  • reduced volume of call to office
  • seamless technology integration

Motion F5t Tablet PC Solution






To continue reading, please download the full case study here: MastertonHomes_CaseStudy.Final2

SP Ausnet rugged Tablet PC deployment features in Microsoft video


Earlier this year one of Australia’s largest power services companies SP Ausnet chose Tablet PC Pty Ltd to assist in the selection and deployment of rugged tablet PCs for the companies 1000 strong technical field force.

You can see the Motion Computing F5v tablet PC in action with SP Ausnet here in the case study video that Microsoft prepared.

Click on the picture below to see the video.


Tablet PC have helped thousands of companies – from Australia’s largest such as Rio Tinto, Newcrest Mining and SP Ausnet down to small innovative regional businesses like Renee Kelly Occupational Therapy in Mildura, Victoria – to find the best tablet PC solution for their business and then to back it up with essential training and exceptional support.


Contact us to find out how we can help your business to eliminate rework and speed up your field data collection.

How to make your Tablet PC Deployment Successful


There’s no doubt about it… digitisers are expensive. The price difference between a Tablet PC and an equivalent Notebook PC is regularly $500 – $1000 AUD more.

So how can you justify the additional expense for your application?

Well, getting your Tablet PC deployment right can mean a financial return that makes the initial price difference insignificant.

There are two keys to ensuring that your Tablet PC project achieves a high return on investment:

  1. Choosing the right hardware for the job
  2. Make your application easy to use on a Tablet PC
Choosing The Right Tablet Hardware

Taking the time to find the right Tablet PC for the job is crucial for a Tablet deployment.

When evaluating hardware, you need to ask questions like:

  • Do you need to be able to work standing up?
  • How long will the Tablet need to be carried at a time?
  • How resource hungry are the applications that you will be using?
  • What do you need to connect to?
  • How long will you be away from a power source (240V or 24/12V)?
  • Will the Tablet be used outside?
  • Will the Tablet be used in a rough environment?

In other words, ask if the Tablet that you are considering is fit for purpose.

Making Your Application Easy To Use On A Tablet PC

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition and Windows Vista include a set of Tablet PC software tools that allow you to take advantage of pen input with your Tablet PC right out of the box. The most noticeable of these is the Tablet Input Panel (TIP).

However, the TIP actually adds a layer of complication into the input process. Rather than just hitting a key on the keyboard, you have to invoke the TIP… then select the right input mode… Then type. So basically there’s three steps instead of one.

So how do you get real benefits from using the pen? You need to design your application to suit being used while standing up with a pen.

There are two very simple ways to achieve this:

  1. Use digital ink controls
  2. Design your user interface for the pen, and away from the keyboard

Microsoft lead the way with Tablet enabled programs starting back in Office XP. They’ve continued to improve the Tablet PC features in their programs ever since.

The flow on from this is that you too can easily build text recognition and digital ink controls right into your applications. Windows now includes Tablet PC Active X controls for you to use and distribute in your applications. That makes it very easy to ink enable your programs.

For example, in a program that requires a search, you could enable your users to write their search into the search box in handwriting. The control would then convert your handwriting to text and perform the search. I’ll demonstrate this in a later post for you developers out there.

The ultimate benefit of enabling your application for Tablet is that the Tablet becomes an easy to use and helpful tool that users will resort to.

With many of our customers, that in itself can be traced to a significant impact on your bottom line.

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