Early preview of new Handwriting Recognition Interface for Windows 10 tablets


This week we took a moment to try out the Windows 10 technical preview on a Surface Pro 3 Tablet. The main thing that we wanted to see in Windows 10 was the new handwriting input panel concept that has shipped in build 10061. First though, I would not recommend even trying Windows 10 on …Read more

Developing for Tablet PC: Handwriting recognition in Windows really works!

In the last month we have been able to give ten select software developers their first hands on experience with Tablet PCs. Without exception, the feedback has been something like this: “Hey, this handwriting recognition really works!”   We love working with software developers because without them the compelling reasons for deploying Tablet PCs thin …Read more

Windows 7 – Tablet PC Handwriting recognition Updates

Tablet PC users have been amongst the few friends of Windows Vista to date due to the significant improvements of handwriting recognition, pen and touch input from Windows XP. Background: Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition, Microsoft Windows Vista and now Windows 7 all include sophisticated multi-language handwriting recognition software. They are capable of recognising even …Read more

Tablet PC 101: #20 Type With A Keyboard

When I talk to uninitiated people about Tablet PCs (not intelligent people like you), I am truly surprised by the number of people who say: “I can type way faster than I can write.” Well, duh! It seems that some people think that Tablet PC pen input is an exclusive technology that supercedes and overrides …Read more