Motion Tablets in the hospital

Motion Computing and Graphium Health put together the following brilliant video showing the latest C5t tablet in a hospital environment. The end users in the video make some important observations about how natural and easy it is to interact with the “high fidelity stylus” (Active Digitizer Pen) and the touch screen on the C5t. “Just …Read more

Good Lifebook T900 Demo

They seem to “get” Tablet PCs in Germany. Here is a great product review of the Fujitsu Lifebook T900 from Fujitsu in Germany. Katrin really shows off some of the key features of Tablet PC productivity like Pen Flicks and inking on office documents.  Switching from a laptop to the Fujitsu Lifebook T900 convertible Tablet …Read more

Windows 7 Tablet PC with Touch – Video Demonstration with Motion computing J3500

Our latest YouTube video shows how good windows 7 really is on a touch screen tablet like the Motion Computing J3500. Touch on windows 7 is regularly bagged in the mainstream IT media, but the real experience of windows 7 and a good touch tablet is actually very good. It may be that this perception …Read more

Thank You to our YouTube viewers!

As our YouTube channel rolls over 500,000 views today we want to say a special thank you to our viewers and subscribers. It you want to subscribe to our YouTube channel, click here: We try to post a new video up even couple of weeks or so and we have a number of videos from …Read more