Much Closer Look at the HP Slate

HP has been developing their new Slate Tablet for 5 years now, and we finally can get a better look at it via a special update from HP.

What we do know is that the HP Slate:

  • Runs Windows 7
  • Has a 10” multi-touch screen
  • Is designed for viewing media
  • Runs flash!

According to this video, HP has been holding back on the Slate for two years now to make sure that you could afford it!

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on the HP Slate soon!


  1. hp slate said on May 6, 2010

    Hp Slate will probably be doing a last minute change of the OS. It is rumor that HP will be dropping Microsoft 7 OS from their Slate device. WebOS (most likely) will be their operating system of choice. Last heard is that HP was NOT happy with the performance of Microsoft 7 as a touch screen device. With HP purchasing Palm recently and with it came WebOS, it seems only likely that HP will be using WebOS as their OS for the Slate.
    HP may also be dropping the Intel processor for something “LESS POWER HUNGARY”. If they go to the new OS they won’t need the Intel processor and thus will gain a few more hours of battery life. Something that they were hammered on in hands on testing.