Using a Tablet PC to value a house – Darrell Cann – Apex Mobiletech and Motion Computing F5v

Darrell Cann is the Managing Director of Apex Mobiletech Asia Pacific, but he’s also a property valuer. In this video Darrell shows us how he uses a Motion Computing F5v tablet PC to speed us property valuations.

As you’ll see in the video, the combination of Nexus and a Tablet PC enables Darrell to get the job done incredibly fast. That means: more valuations completed more accurately.

Darrell Cann of Apex Mobiletech values a house in under 20 minutes using his Nexus software and a Motion Computing F5v Tablet PC.

One of the major pros of a Tablet PC is the amount of information that you can access and work with on the screen. As you can imagine, for field workers like Darrell, more information means better decisions. A bigger screen is also faster and easier to work with.

To find out more about the Motion Computing F5v or the Apex Nexus program that Darrell is using in this video contact us on 03 9999 1602.