Windows 8 Versions for Tablets –What you need to know

Win8_Pro1Windows 8 is only days away and it promises good things for Tablet PC productivity. But as with all Microsoft product launches, there will be some confusion and there are some things that you need to be aware of!

Don’t worry, we’re here to explain it for you!

Windows 8 is the new version of windows and it supersedes Windows 7. From this Friday 26th of October you will be able to purchase brand new Tablet PCs with Windows 8 on them.

  • Windows 8 – Will run on your current PC or Tablet, but it cannot join a domain so it is for home use only

  • Windows 8 Pro – Will run on your current PC or Tablet, for business general use
  • Windows 8 Enterprise – For companies with large PC deployments (only available under a Volume Licence)
  • Windows RT – A new version of windows designed to run on the same type of processors as iPads and Android Tablets (ARM) – Windows  RT has limited functionality that we will discuss in an upcoming post.

So if you’re an early adopter and you want to get yourself a new fully functional Tablet PC with Windows 8 (or upgrade your existing Tablet or Notebook) then you need:

  • For home: Windows 8
  • For business: Windows 8 Pro
  • For large business: Windows 8 Enterprise

We’ll discuss Windows RT in more detail in the next post tomorrow!