Microsoft Store Visit – Bellevue Washington

We recently had the opportunity to visit a Microsoft Store in the USA for the first time. This particular store was on Microsoft’s home turf in Bellevue Washington, so we weren’t surprised to see the store packed out!

Stores further abroad were also very busy. No doubt these have been strategically placed in an attempt to combat Apple’s retail hipster hangouts.

What I liked about the Microsoft Store:

  • Staff actually knew what they were talking about – unheard of in Australian retail stores! Watch a video of a Microsoft Store assistant demonstrating the Wacom Digitizer Pen and handwriting recognition below.

  • The layout was superb and there was a strong focus on tablets
  • There were plenty of Surface Pro tablets on hand (no doubt the main attraction), and the Wacom Pens were freely available to try out.
  • A good selection of accessories was readily available.


Whilst the Microsoft Store was primarily aimed at the casual retail shopper, we picked up a lot of great ideas that we plan to implement here at!