Motion CL910 moves in the right direction

CL910 Tablet PCsAustin, Texas based Motion Computing recently installed a majorly improved display into the CL910. As a result, the CL910 has is now on a par with all of the other Motion tablets with outdoor capable wide viewing screens.

Another side benefit of the new screen is a significant reduction in weight – down to 840g. 

The display is a new Hydis unit called HFFS. It is direct bonded to gorilla glass – technology that Motion pioneered with DuPont and Corning back in 2009 – for maximum strength and outdoor viewing.

According to Motion’s information the new Hydis HFFS features a 180 degree viewing angle like the F5t and J3500 VAD, but it is now much brighter at an average if 450 nits (the old screen averaged 330 nits). The contrast is also massively improved on the new panel.

Whilst this is a big step in the right direction from Motion, the CL910 is still stuck with Windows 7 thanks to Intel’s lack of support for Windows 8 on the Cedar Trail Atom processor.

However, what makes the CL910 really interesting – as with all Motion tablets – is the unparalleled and impressive ecosystem of docks, accessories and peripherals that Motion has brought together.

CL Tablet PC - Mobile Dock with KeylockMultibay ChargerCL900 ReadyDock

Motion has built an amazing ecosystem for the CL910 that includes peripherals as diverse Barcode and Mag Stripe Readers, field carry cases, POS docks, vehicle docks, stackable Ethernet connected ready docks and multi-tablet charging bays.

No other rugged tablet manufacturer has such an extensive range of solutions at their disposal.

You can buy the Motion CL910 from our website here or call us to discuss using the CL910 for your project.