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HP Slate 500 is on the way



The HP state 500 is finally on its way to Australia. Whilst HP are yet to announce any details on the availability of the HP state 500 to Australia, we are happy to announce that we have a number of demo units on the way out from the us in anticipation of its arrival.

We’re expecting the tablets to arrive with us in late December, so keep in touch with us for demonstration dates.

What’s all the fuss about?

The HP slate 500 is the first of a select number of lightweight "companion" slates expected to land in Australia in 2011.

The key feature of these new lightweight super mobile states is the combination of:

Touch + Active Pen

This makes the devices much more than consumer targeted media consumption devices. These devices will be used heavily for:

  • Note taking (students, executives, sales people)
  • Form filling
  • Data capture

Contact us via our website or on 03 9999 1601 for more info.

HP Slate Takes Aim at iPad for not running flash


HP have added some fuel to the ongoing Adobe and Apple flame wars with a new video jointly created with Adobe and spoken by one of their marketing team.

One of the things that does bug me on the iPhone is the lack of flash support. The reason that it bugs me is that it completely limits the viewing of websites like YouTube. Yes, “there is an app for that”, but as the video here points out users should not have to be thinking about apps all the time – besides the YouTube app on the iPhone is unreliable and very limited in my experience.

So with Flash Player on the HP Slate device,  I’m able to access the full web and not just a part of it. – Alan Tam, Adobe Flash Marketing

Fortunately as you will see in the following video, soon we will have a consumer oriented slate device that will support flash in the HP Slate.

After my fantastic experience with Windows 7 multi-touch on the Fujitsu T4310, T900 and HP Tm2, I think it is definitely worth passing over the iPad to wait for a real consumer slate that acts just like my PC.

Much Closer Look at the HP Slate


HP has been developing their new Slate Tablet for 5 years now, and we finally can get a better look at it via a special update from HP.

What we do know is that the HP Slate:

  • Runs Windows 7
  • Has a 10” multi-touch screen
  • Is designed for viewing media
  • Runs flash!

According to this video, HP has been holding back on the Slate for two years now to make sure that you could afford it!

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on the HP Slate soon!

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