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Tablet PC 101 #4 Get Signatures


If you work with forms, then you probably need to get them signed too.

Tablet PCs are often used for getting signatures in real estate and  mortgage broking. In fact, any company that uses contracts can benefit from Tablet PCs.

A Tablet PC is the simplest way to capture and store digital ink signatures. There are 3 really easy ways to capture signatures with a Tablet PC right out of the box:

  1. Create a digital version of your paper form with Windows Journal and the signature on that (easiest for everyone)
  2. Simply embed a digital ink field into your windows based application that stores the signature to your database (easy for programmer)
  3. Use the specialist digital ink signature control capabilities to capture and encrypt signatures (not too hard for programmer)


Microsoft has a step by step guide for software developers here.

Tablet PC 101 #1: Sign a Fax and Email It Back


I received a fax this morning of a form that needed my signature on it. I get my faxes by email, so when I open up the file it opens in Microsoft Office Document Imaging.

I just click on the pen icon as shown in this screen capture, then I sign the document, save it and send it back by email. Done!


There are a couple of productivity advantages for this tip:

  1. It’s the fastest way to sign and return a from
  2. You don’t need to print it – saves power, saves paper – is environmentally friendly
  3. You don’t need to walk to the fax (or in my case, drag out the phone cord, run it five meters and connect up the dusty old fax machine).

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