Best outdoor Display in the Business Comes to the Motion F5 and C5

We recently made the call that the Motion J3400 has the best outdoor display that we’ve seen to date. It’s time to retract that statement…

Motion Computing have now included their market leading display on the F5 and C5 Tablet PCs.

So now the J3400, C5 and F5 can all be shipped with the remarkable Hydis AFFS+ screen technology. The Hydis screen allows you to have a clear view in direct sunlight without the need for major battery draining backlighting.

That means:

  • Awesome indoor and outdoor viewing
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Maximum battery life

This technology is a huge leap for Tablet PCs and it goes a long way to solving two of the biggest hurdles for Tablet PC deployments – battery life and screen viewing.

For a detailed explanation of screen brightness and outdoor screen technology, read out may post here.

Hydis AFFS

We’ve been using the J3400 with the Hydis AFFS+ display for a few months now and we’re still impressed.

It’s great to see that Motion Computing are continuing to invest in their technology. We also expect to see new products and developments on the horizon from them.

Motion J3400 Outdoor Display

Read the motion press release here.