Fujitsu T901 Convertible Tablet PC with NVIDIA Dedicated Graphics is real, and it’s in stock!

Back in March there was some debate about wether the new Fujitsu T901 would really come out with NVIDIA graphics. Well it did, and here it is!

Since HP dropped the Tm2, Fujitsu are now the only company to offer a Tablet PC with dedicated graphics.

The NVidia Optimus solution is particularly clever because when it’s not needed, the tablet will automatically switch over to the Intel HD 3000 on board graphics chip. That means that NVidia 3D graphics power is there when you need it (gaming, AutoCAD, Solidworks, 3D graphics work), but not wasting battery life when you don’t (spread sheets, email, web etc).

The current model available is the Intel Core i5 NVidia Optimus model. Specs and purchasing details can be found here:

Fujitsu T901 with NVidia Dedicated Graphics

Fujitsu T901 - with NVIDIA Optimus dedicated graphics!

Out tests so far show that it is as expected… Awesome!


  1. Jon said on March 11, 2012

    Hi Brett,
    Is it possible to get a 3G version with this T901 model with the Nvidia Graphics ?