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Motion F5v – Motion Computing goes to Intel Core i7 and i5 with a major revamp of the C5 and F5


C5V_beautyMotion Computing have today announced a major revamp of the C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant and the F5 Field Tool. I personally use a C5 for my day to day tableteering, so I’m quite excited about this update.

The Motion C5v is of course commonly used in the healthcare sector while the Motion F5v can be found in field service sectors like construction, mining and emergency services.

The C5v and F5v have retained the successful MCA form factor as well as the exceptional Hydis AFFS+ reflective and transflective display and the recently added super tough Corning Gorilla Glass.

Highlights of the revamp include:

  • A choice between Intel Core i5 and i7 processors (battery life v performance)
  • 4Gb DDR RAM
  • Gobi 2000 global mobile broadband option with standalone GPS
  • MIL 810G ruggedness certification (up from 810F)
  • 30% better battery life, now up to 5 hours
  • Hot swappable batteries (up to 5 minute runtime without a battery)
  • Intel vPro™ for advanced remote management (even from a fully powered off state)
  • New front facing webcam for video conferencing and an upgraded 3mp rear cam
  • A USB port – sorely missed on the current C5 and F5

This revamp will massively increase performance over the Core 2 even on the i5 model thanks to the new front side bus and DDR 3 support. Unlike other MCAs and field slates that use Intel Atom processors, the C5 and F5 has enough power to replace a laptop or desktop.

What I personally like about the F5 is that it is very mobile, based around a 10.1” screen, but it still has the power to be my mobile office. When I’m in the office, I have it docked with an external screen and keyboard and I use it like a multi-display desktop.

The combination of a fully operating Windows 7, Office 2010 (especially OneNote and Outlook) makes the F5 more than just a companion device. It much smaller and lighter than most laptops, and you can just grab it and go without limitations… And that’s what I want from a full time slate computer!

BBC Reporter Breaks ‘Unbreakable’ Rugged Phone – Needs Gorilla Glass!


The Sonim XP1 is a rugged, IP54 rated, MIL-810F drop tested mobile phone that is pretty close to unbreakable… That is until this BBC reporter got hold of it (Click on the screenshot to watch the video):


As you can see, the weak point of this phone is its glass screen. We find that the glass screen is the weak point on many of the Tablet PCs on the market too – even the rugged ones. Even though standard screens are made from chemically hardened glass, they are still prone to break when a little force is applied.

Corning turned this problem on its head when they released Gorilla Glass last year – Gorilla Glass is strengthened with a process that achieves a much deeper level of strengthening. You can see a demonstration of Gorilla Glass by Andrew Moore-Crispin of here at CES in Las Vegas last week.

Motion Computing were the first Tablet PC manufacturer with Corning Gorilla Glass on the rugged F5 and C5 tablets last year. Gorilla Glass is up to four times stronger than other glass used in Tablet PCs and as yet, Motion are still the only Tablet manufacturer using the technology.

Having used Tablet PCs for nearly 10 years (and broken at least 4 screens), I can attest to the value of this glass. It should be an essential component on all Tablet PCs along with a low power Hydis AFFS+ outdoor viewable display – another Motion Computing first.

Sonim should plan a visit to Corning to make their rugged phone even tougher (so that this doesn’t happen in future)!

Using RFID on Motion F5 and C5


The Motion F5 and C5 can be equipped with an RFID reader. For want of a better analogy, RFID is a smarter barcode system. It is often used for inventory tracking and identification.

Unlike a barcode which is read only, information can be written to RFID tags on the fly with a device like the Motion F5. Software applications that run on the Windows based F5 will allow you to read and manipulate the tags.

Motion Computing have published the following demonstration video showing how to use the RFID reader.

The F5 and C5 are also tagged with a passive RFID tag so that you can track them too. The video shows the location of the passive RFID tag (We knew it was in there, but now we know where!).


For more information about using RFID give us a call on 03 9999 1601 or contact us via our website. We can assist you to source RFID tags and equipment to use with the F5 and C5 through some local suppliers here in Australia.

Motion C5 with Gorilla Glass Video Review


We take an up close look at the new Motion Computing C5 MkII MCA (Mobile Clinical Assistant) Tablet PC. We take the C5 outside to show of the capabilities of the new Hydis AFFS+ display with Gorilla Glass.

The Motion C5 includes a powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor and huge array of options like:

  • RFID
  • Smart Card Reader
  • Bar Code Reader
  • Solid State or Traditional Hard Drives
  • Telstra Next G certified mobile broadband
  • GPS.

Of course it also carries the best screen technology currently available (Hydis AFFS+) making the C5 the most comfortable Tablet PC to read indoor and outdoors without sacrificing battery life.

This is an exceptional Tablet PC and thanks to the strong Aussie dollar, it is currently very well priced.

We have a demonstration unit available for you to get your hands on anywhere within Australia. Contact us for demonstration today on 03 9999 1601 or via our website today.

eBooks are back – Amazon and Barnes & Noble come back to the Tablet PC


Product Image. Title: Matte Screen Film KitOn the 20th of October Barnes and Noble introduced the “nook” eBook reader to the US market. No doubt this move was designed to compete with the success of the Amazon Kindle which until now has not been available to Australian customers.

Australian readers are probably thinking, “great, another e-reader that won’t be available to us.”

But dedicated e-book reading devices aren’t for everyone (I personally don’t want another device to add to my collection 10+ Tablet PCs!), so the good news is that Barnes and Noble trumped Amazon by also releasing their e-Reader software for PC as well as MAC and iPhone. Only days later Amazon matched them by announcing Kindle reader software for PC and MAC too.

So if you enjoy e-reading, you now have some new alternatives for reading eBooks on your Tablet PC. Of course, there eBooks have been around for a long time now, and there are many places to buy them online for PC. We list a few below, but feel free to add your suggestions in comments.

I guess the question is, what is the best Tablet PC to start e-Book reading on? Here is our list of recommended Tablet PCs for eBook Reading:

  1. Motion F5, Motion C5 or Motion J3400 with Hydis AFFS+ – These are the top of the line Tablets with the best screen technology available by a country mile. You simply will not  get a better eBook reading experience on a PC (Best viewing angle, contrast, outdoor visibility and power consumption). So if you can afford it, start here. If you can’t, read on…
  2. Viliv X70 EX Premium Air – A fantastic small and lightweight slate device with inbuilt 3G. Weighs only 660 grams and has a 7” colour screen that is not much bigger than an average paperback. Perfect for eBook reading.
  3. Gigabyte M1028Reading eBooks on a netbook is not really a comfortable experience. Enter the Gigabyte M1028 – a touch screen netbook with a 10” convertible (swivel) screen. It performs fantastically as a netbook, but swivel the screen around and you have a colour eBook reader. Price is great too at less than AU$1000.

We’ll have to wait and see what Amazon come out with when they release their Kindle app next month, but in the meantime you can already get your eBooks on Tablet PC from a variety of sources:

Here’s a snippet from the introductory post from the Barns and Noble “Unbound” blog:

There’s no denying it: eBooks are revolutionizing the way we read—and fast. Literature is moving from our shelves to our screens, and with it comes easy, instant access to eBooks, anytime, anywhere.

Computers and handheld devices are swiftly becoming the mediums of choice for many bibliophiles who no longer find it feasible to store and carry all of their physical books. And as a new generation turns to computer screens and PDAs for their information, digital learning is playing an increasingly crucial role in our schools.

Tough New Motion F5 and C5 with Gorilla Glass Officially Launched


The Motion F5 and Motion C5 Tablet PCs are now officially tougher!

Motion Computing has officially launched the new C5 MCA and F5 Field Tablet PC with Corning Gorilla Glass – 4 times stronger than regular display glass.

Motion have also put together a great demonstration video for you, check this out:

To find out more about Corning Gorilla Glass, read this article where we leaked the news in August… Sorry Motion, but we have been delivering these to our customers for a while now…!

Of course this not only means better breakage protection, it will also limit scratching on the screen surface.

The Motion C5 and F5 were already certified to rugged US Military standards (MIL-810F) for drop and IP54 rated for dust and water protection.

Now when you couple this new tough display with the new Hydis AFFS+ outdoor display and Core 2 Duo processor and you have a very tough and cutting edge Tablet PC.

We have the Motion F5 and Motion C5 with Corning Gorilla Glass available for demonstrations now. Call us on 0400 687 887 or fill in the enquiry form on our website.

Tablet PC In Action – UK Hospital on Motion C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant MCA


Encountering Tablet PCs in the wild is becoming a daily event. The following video from Motion Computing shows staff at the Salford Royal Hospital in the UK using the Motion C5 MCA on their daily rounds.

It is a very interesting demonstration of the efficiencies that can be gained by adopting Tablet PCs.

They key is that Tablet PCs and MCAs can be easily taken into places where laptops and netbooks don’t fit well – where you don’t have the convenience of a flat surface and a chair to use.

Whether it be at a patient bedside or in a panel beaters workshop, Tablet PCs like the Motion C5 MCA can help to make your business far more efficient. The make their investment back many times over… and very quickly too!

Motion Computing Prices Fall


Motion ComputingThanks to the stronger Australian dollar prices on Motion Computing products have fallen significantly.

If you have spoken to us about motion products in the past, please contact us for a new quote.

J3400 Tablet PC LE1700 Tablet PC Motion F5 - Mobile Field Tool

Motion Product Detail links:

For more information, contact us on 03 9999 1601.

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