Motion F5v – Motion Computing goes to Intel Core i7 and i5 with a major revamp of the C5 and F5


Motion Computing have today announced a major revamp of the C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant and the F5 Field Tool. I personally use a C5 for my day to day tableteering, so I’m quite excited about this update. The Motion C5v is of course commonly used in the healthcare sector while the Motion F5v can be …Read more

BBC Reporter Breaks ‘Unbreakable’ Rugged Phone – Needs Gorilla Glass!


The Sonim XP1 is a rugged, IP54 rated, MIL-810F drop tested mobile phone that is pretty close to unbreakable… That is until this BBC reporter got hold of it (Click on the screenshot to watch the video): As you can see, the weak point of this phone is its glass screen. We find that the …Read more

Motion C5 with Gorilla Glass Video Review

We take an up close look at the new Motion Computing C5 MkII MCA (Mobile Clinical Assistant) Tablet PC. We take the C5 outside to show of the capabilities of the new Hydis AFFS+ display with Gorilla Glass. The Motion C5 includes a powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor and huge array of options like: …Read more

eBooks are back – Amazon and Barnes & Noble come back to the Tablet PC

On the 20th of October Barnes and Noble introduced the “nook” eBook reader to the US market. No doubt this move was designed to compete with the success of the Amazon Kindle which until now has not been available to Australian customers. Australian readers are probably thinking, “great, another e-reader that won’t be available to …Read more