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Android Tablets Now Available in our Online Store


For a little over a year now we’ve been supplying Android Tablets to our corporate clients. These have been deployed for simple tasks like data collection and web based applications.

Of course Android doesn’t offer the flexibility of a Windows tablet. For example running an excel spread sheet on any consumer tablet is not nearly a match for running it in native Excel. The browsing experience is also limited by the lack of flash support as well as poor performance when compared to high end windows tablets.

However, if your data collection job is simple and a suitable app is available then Android Tablets can offers these benefits:

  • Cheaper
  • Smaller
  • Lighter
  • Better battery life.

PA010616I have personally owned both the Asus Nexus 7 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. They are great entertainment platforms.

As you can see from the picture of my Galaxy Note 10.1 here, it has been a favourite for my kids at home (note the teeth marks around the digitizer pen slot and ask my 2 year old daughter about that!).

Since the Galaxy Note range includes the Wacom Active Digitizer Pen it also landed as a personal favourite Android tablet.

Here’s what I love about Android tablets:

  • Choice of hardware
  • Choice of browser
  • Choice of marketplace / app store
  • Choice of storage – microSD card slots with up to 64Gb expansion plus direct access to your files
  • Easy connectivity with a PC (no need for difficult to use, bloated, buggy, annoying software).

Like Windows 8 Tablets, the beauty of Android is choice. Not all tablets suit all people, and we understand that through years of experience rolling out tablets.

So we have now selected a limited range of Android Tablets for our online store. This currently includes:

We will soon be adding a new range of rugged Android Tablets as some new models become available.

At Tablet PC Solutions we specialise in working with business to roll out Windows and Android tablets to staff in large and small projects. So if you’re looking for more than 1 Android tablet, be sure to call us on 1300 110 101 or email us at

WRONG MOB: Windows does not belong on tablets


I don’t need to tell you that mob mentality is rife in online discussions and forums. The mob who think they know something about tablets are loudly calling for the removal of the Windows operating system from all Tablet PCs.

I am startled at how far this goes. It is rife through consumer oriented forums like where I have occasionally written some articles. I was even more surprised to read this perspective from a very well respected Tableteer Dr Conrad Blickenstorfer at Rugged PC Review. I understand Conrad’s experienced and long term view(and maybe a little well placed distaste for Microsoft) on this…

But, as far as mobs go, this ones wrong… As usual. That is because there are three major factors that are left out of the discussion of Windows and Tablet PCs.

1. Windows has a massive “app” base.

We’re talking about many millions of “apps”, not just a couple of hundred thousand with very limited use. These are fully functional rich environments from off the shelf applications to bespoke corporate and small business systems.

For the most simple example, just yesterday while I was on the road between Coffs Harbour and Grafton in NSW, I pulled out my windows 7 tablet PC, picked up 30mb of PDF files, zipped them into 3 separate packages and emailed them. A simple feat like that would be unfathomable on a consumer device, but I was able to do it on my convenient and powerful Motion J3500.

So we have a very rich environment in Windows that businesses like to take advantage of without having to rewrite all of the programs that they rely on. Granted, this will not be majorly exciting for consumers wanting to whittle their lives away playing pacifying games.

It is far more advantageous for businesses invested in Microsoft technology (95% of them) to make the rich environment of Windows more mobile than to switch to a new environment.

2. Rewriting the code is never a good idea – adapting it makes a lot of sense.

As a former software developer, I’m a big fan of Joel Spolsky’s number one rule: Never rewrite from scratch!

Rewriting windows from scratch for touch and tablets would fit right into Joel’s single worst strategic mistake category.

So Microsoft have taken the right path, and have done an excellent job adapting windows for Tablets effectively. Sure, there is still more that can be done and it no doubt will be done.

In future, Microsoft may adapt the Windows Phone 7 OS for consumer tablets too, but there will always be full Windows tablets. And it may surprise you how well Windows and Tablet PCs go together.

3. One device or platform will not fill everyone’s needs.

Much of the mob noise that is out there now is really focused around consumer tablets. Consumer tablets don’t fill the needs of most businesses very well at all – as evidenced by the hundreds of business people (short term iPad owners) that have contacted us this year looking to upgrade something that meets their needs.

On the one hand, if you wanted to show pictures to customers at a trade show or in a retail situation, the the iPad or an Android tablet would be perfect. Does the job well and cheaply.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to collect data outdoors like an insurance assessor, a park ranger, a geologist or a surveyor would, then consumer devices with glossy screens and limited “apps” and power would never do the job well.

The real future of Windows Tablet PCs

With the Windows 7 Tablet PC advancements and massive consumer focus on Tablets, the 2010 year broke all records for Tablet PCs. Our own Tablet PC sales covering all parts of Australia more than doubled. And that happened while the typical quality tablet sold for over AU$4,000. Our website visits went through the roof, and our humble YouTube channel attracted over half a million views around the world.

In 2011, you will see quality tablet devices featuring Windows 7 and the new Intel Atom Oaktrail processors opening up markets that could not afford to get in the game at $4k+. We expect to see these tablets landing in Australia for around AU$1,000.

Our prediction for Windows Tablet PCs for 2011:

  1. These devices will sell across the globe in the millions (It is estimated that there are already 5 million+ Windows tablets shipping each year)
  2. They are unlikely to cross over much with consumer slates
  3. They will eat into the market for data collection PDAs.

2010 was an exciting year for Tablet PCs in Australia, but if you are into Tablet PCs, 2011 is going to blow you away!

What does a Google Android Tablet mean for the ridiculously long running Apple Macbook Tablet rumour


500px-Android-logo_svgWe picked up an article from Fast Company today shoring up rumours of a Google Android powered Tablet PC to be offered by T-Mobile in the US. It looks to be a seven inch slate device. As they say in the article:

Imagine it as a netbook without a keyboard, and then think of the pocket-friendly convenience that the reduced size of such a device would bring.

The massive netbook trend makes a lot of sense for consumers, but not a lot of sense for the bottom line of notebook manufacturers like HP, Lenovo and Dell. Undoubtedly these devices cannibalise sales of regular notebooks, so while the numbers might be up, the dollar figures are probably down. So for that reason, I think smart companies like Google and Apple will stay away from the netbook space.

On the other hand, a useful 3G mobile slate device with a larger screen than a phone would create a completely new space. It is a space in the market where PCs are not generally used, but full PC power is not necessarily needed.

iphone-toastGoogle are onto something here, because this is the space where Blackberry, iPhone and Kindle will meet. It could be the computer that you use on the train, plane or couch to:

  • Read eBooks, articles and blogs
  • Make notes or write articles
  • Check and send emails
  • Browse the web
  • Buy tickets
  • Find a restaurant
  • Research a purchase
  • Get directions
  • Watch movies and videos without conversion.

UMPCs or MIDs are only inches away from this, but even with a host of devices released at CeBIT 2009 there still isn’t a real contender to make a go of this in the Windows camp.

apple_tablet Now to add to the longest running PC rumours in history… the Apple Macbook Tablet.

If you think about it, Apple have produced the most successful slate tablet computer ever already – The iPhone.

With their success in slate computing, and the convergence of netbook hardware and faster 3G networks, the timing might be perfect for Apple to own the UMPC or Mid Tablet PC market as well as the phone market.

Here’s what a related Fast Company article said about the timing of a Mac Tablet PC.

But a larger tablet with a touchscreen keyboard, a 3G radio and running the iPhone OS–why not? Apple has already produced viable touchscreen typing software, and it already has an operating system that is low on power consumption and high on performance. A Mac tablet would improve upon the iPhone by enabling multitasking, a bigger screen, copy-paste, and easier typing, making a portable version of iLife (or an adapted version of Amazon’s new Kindle app for iPhone) a fully-realized possibility. A full version of Safari would mean a complete Web experience, and Apple’s ever-improving battery technology would mean more time on the road. The App Store is ready and waiting for a new generation of full-featured software, and the infrastructure for selling it is in place.

I would add that Apple has a consumer brand, and if you want to sell a consumer product in mind boggling numbers, you need a phenomenal consumer brand attached to it.

If a mid sized Apple Tablet were sold on a cell phone style payment plan we think it would be huge hit with consumers. If it really ever happens, we’ll all be hearing about it.

Maybe it will wake Microsoft and partners up to the fact that you can’t make a device like a Tablet PC or UMPC, hide it under a rug and expect it to sell. Either way we do expect that Microsoft and co will soon be playing catch up with Google, if not Apple as well in the UMPC category.

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