Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1–Outdoor Screen viewing Vs iPad

There is a very thorough review of the rugged Panasonic ToughBook FZ-G1 over at While reading through, the following image really stood out: Consumer tablet screens have come a long way since the early days of iPad. Most manufacturers have adopted direct bonding, wide viewing IPS and higher brightness displays. As you can see, …Read more

Motion J3500 tablet gets press on SMH


In her weekend article in the Sydney Morning Herald, “Australian workplaces succumb to the iPad”, Cynthia Karena covers a number of companies who have adopted tablets. Interestingly the article demonstrates that much of the push for consumer tablets comes from the simple communication needs of executives and board members. For that, consumer tablets like the …Read more

Bigmouth knows the tablet market…


No doubt about it, Apple’s iPad Tablet defined the year in technology as pointed out in this New York Times blog.  However, as one commenter, Bigmouth from Santa Monica CA pointed out there is a large contingent of potential tablet users who want more than a consumer tablet can offer. They want to do more …Read more