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“AAAA” Four A Batteries Now in Stock for N-Trig Digitizer Pens


Many people have been stumped by the skinny little quadruple A (AAAA, Four A) batteries found in the N-Trig Digitizer Pens that come with the Motion Computing CL900, Fujitsu Q550, HTC Flyer and a number of other Lenovo, Dell and HP tablet PCs.

You might have wondered where on earth you get them from! They are a little bit obscure and hard to find.

Well you can stop hunting because we now have Energizer AAAA packs in stock and for sale in our online shop as a two pack or a dozen.


Motion Computing Release Quicknav for the CL900


Motion-CL900-QuicknavIf you own the Motion Computing CL900 you’ll want to try out this new beta version of Quicknav. Quicknav – aka Dialkeys – is a piece of software that has long been featured on the Motion J3500 series.

Quicknav is a sidebar shortcut application that allows quick and convenient access to things like the integrated camera, video and voice recording functions via a touch friendly interface.

On the CL900 it can comfortably replace the ExTouch software that ships with the device for a couple of reasons:

  • Easier access to camera functions
  • Full access to the camera’s full 3Mp resolution
  • Easy selection of front or back camera
  • Geo-tagging via the CL900’s inbuilt satellite based GPS
  • Camera based barcode scanning function.

Dialkeys has actually been around for many years now. I first encountered it on the Samsung Q1 UMPC device about 5 years ago. It has come along way, but some features like Motion-CL900-Bracode-Scannerthe alternative onscreen keyboard still work great with a touch screen device like the CL900.

Barcode Reader

Quicknav offers users the ability to capture barcodes using the devices inbuilt front and back cameras. This feature should not to be confused with the CL900s upcoming inbuilt barcode scanner option.

Capturing Barcodes with an inbuilt camera is only for very occasional use and cannot be compared to inbuilt dedicated barcode scanning hardware. If you need to scan more than about 5 barcodes a day you will want to go with a dedicated barcode scanner as the camera method is too slow and fiddly to use.

Motion-Computing-CL900-Number-PadNumber Pad

On the input front, the on screen Number Pad function is fantastic for entering data in places like Excel spread sheets. You’ll find that the number keys are big and easier to use with touch. The keypad seems to be fixed to the right hand side – sorry Leftys!


As mentioned above, the camera functionality of the Quicknav software allows you to easily access the full 3 megapixels of the inbuilt front and back webcams.

You can now also geo-tag photos taken with the inbuilt camera. Geo-tagging takes GPS coordinates from the inbuilt GPS on the CL900 and adds them to the properties of the photo. A time stamp can also be added as well as an arbitrary text stamp.

Download Quicknav here:

It’s currently in Beta, so don’t be surprised if you find a bug here or there!

More information on the Motion Computing CL900 here.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Video Review


The Fujitsu Q550 62Gb model is finally coming into stock here in Australia, so we’ve got our video review ready just in time!

Like the extremely popular Motion CL900 the Q550 is based on Intel’s new Atom “Oaktrail” processor which consumes a tiny amount of power to deliver all day computing. It’s thin, lightweight and flexible. Best of all it runs all of your standard Windows 7 Professional applications without compromise!

Key things to note about the new Q550 are:

  • Removable battery with up to 8 hours run time and several days of standby
  • Integrated Fingerprint Reader and Smart Card Reader
  • Ultra light weight from 730 grams
  • IPS Display with 180 degree viewing
  • 3 year Australian warranty.

Check out out video review part 1 below:

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550–2011 Windows 7 Slate Tablet PC Australian Review

Detailed Motion CL900 Review on


The new wave of Tablet PCs that landed in June have kept us so busy that we’ve barely had time to scratch let alone blog! Undoubtedly most of the impact has come from the Motion CL900 tablet PC. It has changed the windows tablet landscape with its rugged design, low cost and great battery life.

While you wait for us to tell you more about it, we thought we’d share a review with you from Dr Conrad Blickenstorfer of The review goes into a lot of good technical detail and gives you a good overview of where the CL900 product fits in the tablet market. Read it here:


New Generation Tablets Get Closer



My apologies for disappearing for over a month! Demand for information on a host of new products has had ns run off our feet here!

CL900: – Has progressed to production process. Will be here in a matter of weeks. Delays on the new Intel Atom chip have held all at these new tablets up. Will be worth the wait! Docking station will be under AU$250.

Q550: – Fujitsu have released models and pricing. Starting from $1349 and expected around EOM.

T901: – Fujitsu’s new power-house tablet is already awesome, but about to get even better. 3G option will be out in a matter of days, NVIDIA Optimus dedicated graphics will not be far behind!

Stay tuned! More sooner…

Motion Computing CL900 – Windows 7 Tablet PC – Australian First Hands On!


Thanks to Brett Gross of Motion Computing Australia we had our first hands on with the upcoming Motion Computing CL900 this week.

The CL900 will break new ground for work Tablet PCs in Australia. While other manufacturers see Tablet devices as simply viewers, Motion Computing has always pushed the boundaries of real productivity.

The CL900 and other Motion Tablets like the J3500 and F5v are designed to allow you to create and capture data wherever you are – On the job, on site, in the office, on the street, in the field, on the road. The provision of both four point multi-touch and a smart Active Digitizer pen allow you to do things like:

  • Taking fluid handwritten notes – your handwritten notes are searchable too
  • Converting your handwriting to text – now or later
  • Scribble on you PDFs, Word Documents and Excel spread sheets
  • Draw on PowerPoint slides during a presentation
  • Annotate and mark up drawings, screenshots and diagrams
  • Draw your own designs and sketches wherever you are!

Ultimately, a device like this gives you access to all of the fastest and most convenient methods of input for mobile devices.

What you can expect to see on the Motion CL900:

  • Corning Gorilla Glass
  • 4 point finger touch and an Active Digitizer (Smart Pen)
  • Wide viewing – outdoor readable screen
  • Gobi 3000 Mobile Broadband – Fast 3G with any carrier – Telstra Next G, Optus, Vodafone
  • Up to 8 hour battery life
  • Desktop docking station and other work ready peripherals like payment modules and scanners.

The CL900 is due to arrive in Australia sometime in April, so this is a pre-production example. Brett was kind enough to give us an exclusive interview with the CL900 in Syndey on Monday!

Motion CL900 Windows 7 Tablet PC – Interview with Brett Gross of Motion Computing Australia

Official pricing and stocked options for the Motion CL900 are still coming. Stay tuned for that and some more videos soon!

Motion Computing CL900 Docking Station



One of the most important options for a "Business Grade" tablet PC is a good docking station with connectivity options.

The upcoming Motion Computing CL900 offers a very innovative docking solution that orients the tablet on a horizontal angle – allowing for easy pen and touch use while docked.

As you can see from the picture above, the dock easily allows you to use the CL900 in the office like would a laptop or desktop PC.

CL900 = best of both worlds – A desktop in the office, but a slender lightweight tablet when you’re on the move.

Plug in whatever you want:

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Mobile phone
  • External Monitor (via adaptor)
  • Network cable
  • Power for easy charging
  • DVD Burner
  • USB key

More on CL900 soon…

Motion Computing CL900–Hands on videos


Things are hotting up with the Motion Computing CL900 at the CCES2011 show in Las Vegas this week. Of course CL900 is not the only slate to arrive, but it is the one that we have been waiting for!

Here’s a couple of hands on videos with the CL900 for you:

Motion Computing CL900 Demonstration–


Detailed walk through -Motion Computing CL900

More Tablet PC news from CES2011 coming up…

Video Update: Motion CL900 Announcement


For some discussion of the new Motion CL900, watch our YouTube video below.

Motion CL900 announcement

Contact us for more information.

Motion Computing Announces CL900 – New Lightweight Rugged Slate Tablet PC


In announcement that should have the Tablet PC world buzzing, today at CES2011 Motion Computing have announced a new Lightweight Rugged Tablet PC designed for business – the CL900.

Motion Computing CL900We’ve been waiting for a respected company with a strong brand to re-embrace the Tablet form factor introduced with the HP TC1100 and Motion LS800. Austin, Texas based Motion Computing are best placed to meet the needs of this market with their experience as the largest manufacturer of Windows Slate Tablet PCs for business.

The new CL900 utilizes a brand new chipset from Intel called Oak Trail giving it an 8 hour battery life with Dual Core processing performance.

Important things that you’ll want to know about the Motion CL900:

  • Includes N-Trig Active Digitizer Pen and 4 point multi-touch screen
  • Rugged – Gorilla Glass, MIL810G Drop and IP52 ratings!
  • Weighs around 900 grams
  • 8 hour battery life
  • 10.1” wide screen with HD 1366×768 pixel resolution
  • 3G Mobile Broadband and GPS via optional Gobi 3000 module
  • Pricing from under US$1,000 – Australian pricing to be confirmed.

The new CL900 is expected in Australia around March this year. It is the small, lightweight companion tablet that many of us have been waiting or since the HP TC1100 and the Motion LS800!

We will be taking pre-orders of this tablets as early shipments will be sold out. We’ll let you know once we have pricing and ETA.

Motion CL900CL900

Stay tuned, for our announcement video shortly!

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