“AAAA” Four A Batteries Now in Stock for N-Trig Digitizer Pens


Many people have been stumped by the skinny little quadruple A (AAAA, Four A) batteries found in the N-Trig Digitizer Pens that come with the Motion Computing CL900, Fujitsu Q550, HTC Flyer and a number of other Lenovo, Dell and HP tablet PCs. You might have wondered where on earth you get them from! They …Read more

Motion Computing Release Quicknav for the CL900


If you own the Motion Computing CL900 you’ll want to try out this new beta version of Quicknav. Quicknav – aka Dialkeys – is a piece of software that has long been featured on the Motion J3500 series. Quicknav is a sidebar shortcut application that allows quick and convenient access to things like the integrated …Read more

Detailed Motion CL900 Review on RuggedPCReview.com


The new wave of Tablet PCs that landed in June have kept us so busy that we’ve barely had time to scratch let alone blog! Undoubtedly most of the impact has come from the Motion CL900 tablet PC. It has changed the windows tablet landscape with its rugged design, low cost and great battery life. …Read more